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Wall mural's are a highly cost effective advertising and branding solution for your retail space, stadium, office building or school. Utilizing specialty vinyls manufactured to adhere to various surfaces including sheet rock, glass, concrete, brick and cinder block, Speedpro Signs Kingston can transform just about any wall into a high impact, “in-your-face” marketing medium.

Depending on our customers’ needs, Speedpro Signs Kingston can even offer murals that are completely removable and reusable. Low impact adhesive coupled with high impact graphics. Removable vinyl is great for short term applications or for walls that you wish to protect.

Why invest in a high impact wall mural?

1. Define Your Space and Identity – Let customers and potential customers discover your business, products or services with highly relevant images and messages

2. Generate Buzz – Promote brand awareness with billboard size graphics on nontraditional spaces

3. Refresh Your Environment – Transform an ordinary lobby or exterior brick wall into an eye-catching display that tells a story or brings your brand to life

4. Generate Additional Revenue Streams – Sell prime wall or building space to other companies trying to reach your customer base with wall murals

5. Cost Effective - Relative to traditional advertising mediums, wall murals by Speedpro are economical and can be produced to last for years or just a few months

Printed at 720x720dpi (capable of printing at up to 1440dpi), graphics by Speedpro Signs Kingston make colors pop and turn, often times, useless space into prime real estate for advertising and promotional opportunities. Shopping centers in both metro and non-metro markets attract thousands of visitors daily. Why not capture their attention and draw them into your store or promote your latest product or service? Wall murals by Speedpro Signs Kingston create powerful corporate and product branding opportunities by incorporating high resolution imagery that forces everyday bystanders to notice your business and connect with your products or services.

Speedpro Signs Kingston removable wall mural product is also suitable for homes. Whether it’s a photo from a memorable family vacation or your first child’s high school graduation, Speedpro Signs Kingston can design, produce and install a custom wall mural for any home. Speedpro Signs Kingston produces wall murals and window graphics for both short term and long term applications.