Image is Everything !

March 31, 2015

Everything you put out there is a reflection of you and your business.

What's your image? How can you ensure the image you reflect is positive and ripple free?

Be AWARE of every "point of contact (POC)" in your business. Each POC is a moment of truth and an opportunity to make a lasting impression. 

EVALUATE how customers interact / react to each point of contact.

APPRECIATE your customers' circumstances and why they are doing business with you.

Take ACTION to make the total customer experience a positive one.

Anytime, anywhere, a person comes into contact with something related to your business, it's a reflection of your business and the products and services you sell. It's also critical to understand the circumstance of why people buy what you're selling. The circumstance of a funeral home is light years away from the purchase of a new window coverings. Get into the customer's mind set and really understand and adapt your business for their circumstance.


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