Maximizing Banners : Increasing Longevity and Usability

October 8, 2014

Banners are a great tool for attracting interest in your store or at an event. Here are some tips on how to maximize the use of banners beyond the event for which they were created.

Remove Timelines If you are having a promotion, resist putting this on your banner. Instead, use your banner to promote the product and have a separate item to indicate the sale. this allows your banner to be re-used in a showroom when the sale is not in effect.

Divide Up Your Banners Instead of trying to promote all of your products or services on one banner, consider using two or three. While this may increase your cost, if you group according to a certain theme, you can re-use the banners individually for other events.

Use Banners As Sponsor Signs When you sponsor an event it comes with some signage. Ask the event if you could supply your own banner instead. This would save the event from the expense of another sign, and also gives you more use for your banners. You might even see see a reduction in sponsorship costs if you provide your own signage.

Divide Your Rooms You can use banners to divide areas of a showroom or business space for added usability. Banners work great as space dividers, and double-sided ones offer even more flexibility.

Send Banners Out Have banners on display outside of your business. Maybe you can coordinate with another business to display each other's banners. Think outside the store for more ideas on how to maximize the use of your banner investment!

Talk to the Speedpro Signs Team for any additional solutions we might have to help with further banner promotions!


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