You Have 3 Seconds!

July 16, 2012

When it comes to most signage you have 3 seconds to communicate your message. Here are a few tips to help you beat the clock and get illusive passers by to stop, take notice and b-line right into your shop.

Keep it Short - You only have a few precious seconds and only about six words to communicate your message. 

Visuals and Copy Have to Jive - Images, colours and graphics MUST enhance the message. If you're talking about the sunny days of summer but you're using dark imaginery there will be a disconnect. If there is inconsistancy in copy and imagery you'll only serve to confuse people who have no time to decode messages in a mere 3-seconds.

Keep your Seasonal Signage Fresh - If you've had a seasonal sign up for more than 30 days it can become like wallpaper and people may not even take notice. Update seasonal signage regularly to keep people interested. 

Make it Actionable and for Everyone - Use verbs and commands that tell people what you want them to do. Unless you are marketing specifically and only to an educated target market, use words that are understood by most readers no matter their age. 

Concise messaging is difficult but Speedpro Signs Kingston can help ensure your signage is clear, concise and communicates what its suppose to -- in 3 seconds!



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